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Crack brings Aphex Twin cover story to life with astonishing augmented reality app


Crack Magazine/Weirdcore/Zubr

Bristol-based independent music magazine Crack have landed quite the coup. The released-today December 2018 edition of the magazine features none other than Aphex Twin on the front cover. Yep, Aphex Twin.

Understandably chuffed about getting a rare interview with one of the most elusive electronic musicians on the planet in the bag, the Crack team have decided to go whole hog on this one, working with both Weirdcore (who designed it) and Bristol studio Zubr (who built it) on an augmented reality app which promises to bring the magazine cover to life.

Eagle-eyed music buffs might have noticed a bit of Aphex related social media hubbub yesterday, as Crack had cannily teased the launch by hiding the cover in over 100 locations worldwide with the help of Landmrk. Fans of the oddball producer could then hunt down a series of visual clues and cues.

Now that all’s been revealed, you can check out the extensive and extremely entertaining interview right here, and the physical magazine is usually available in all those trendy coffee shops and bars you no doubt frequent on a daily or nightly basis.

Be quick though – this one is likely to fly off those artfully arranged shelving units.


Crack Magazine/Weirdcore/Zubr


Crack Magazine/Weirdcore/Zubr


Crack Magazine/Weirdcore/Zubr