US agency Day One show the power of global ideas through posters ahead of the World Cup final

12 July 2018
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The Day One Agency studio team, led by senior designer, Celina Pereira has created a series of posters representing each of the participating countries in the World Cup. US agency Day One researched each of the 32 countries and chose a historical person or idea born in that nation that propelled the world forward and made us think differently. Together the designs explore our connected international community through the tradition of each nation’s colours and icons.

The illustrated images include a representation of the necktie from Croatia, whose Croatian mercenaries created the style via “la cravat” in the 17th century, Denmark’s Lego group owned by a Danish family in Bound, and Peru’s status as the largest producer of silver in South America.

Speaking on the project, designer Pereira says, “When the World Cup comes around, a lot of designers create amazing initiatives around it. I wanted to create these illustrations for the World Cup to use the cultural moment as the unifying vehicle. What I really want this to be about is diversity and our identity as Americans. We are a nation built by immigrants. Celebrating that is a huge part of feeling patriotic to me.”

“When starting the designs and setting the art direction, I knew I wanted to keep it minimal and straightforward  –  and a little groovy. Each illustration uses only the colours (and slight variants) of the American flag and/or that particular country’s flag. The aesthetic is minimal and plays with layering and negative space. I love the idea of how culturally rich Americans are because of cross-pollination, and I wanted to reflect that in the style of design.”

The England poster features Oxford-born professor, author and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, who died earlier this year. The project aims to explore how identity is shared through this global moment.







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