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FCB/Six has made the pride flag interactive


FCB/Six: Destination Pride

Creative agency FCB/Six has turned the pride flag into an interactive data slider to help LGBTQ people travel across the world more safely.

The campaign for nonprofit PFlag Canada sees the rainbow pride flag transformed into a data visualisation tool showing the reception LGBTQ visitors might expect in different cities globally. Destination Pride ranks cities on marriage equality, sexual activity laws, gender identity protections, anti-discrimination laws, civil rights and social-media sentiment. Each of the six factors are represented by one of the six colours in the pride flag: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Rankings are based on information pulled from social media platforms, and the rankings can change to reflect cultural and legal changes.

Countries which are less accepting of LGBTQ visitors are indicated by short bars, while longer bars signal acceptance and safety for visitors who identify as LGBTQ. Cities are scored out of a possible 100 for each factor. Scores of below 50 indicate intolerance and possible danger, 51-70 suggests neutral attitudes, and scores of over 71 signify that LGBTQ tourists might expect a positive response.

The PFlag Canada campaign also includes three 30 second-long films featuring members of the LGBTQ community recalling past travelling experiences. The campaign is set to launch globally, with Facebook video ads running in some of the lowest and highest scoring places in the world including Moscow (35), Mumbai (15), Jamaica (27), Toronto (67), San Francisco (69) and Sydney (72).


FCB/Six: Destination Pride


FCB/Six: Destination Pride


FCB/Six: Destination Pride