Giphy launches new range of animated emojis because that's life in 2019

31 May 2019

Via Giphy

Now, if you’re anything like us you’ve probably spent the last few years becoming unwittingly reliant on emojis.

Need to cancel on a dear friend at the last minute because, actually, you’d rather watch rollercoaster reviews on YouTube than listen to them over an expensive pint in a part of town that’s really inconvenient for you? There’s an emoji for that. Promised your flatmate that you’d tidy the bathroom and then realised that, actually, you’d rather stare at your ceiling for two hours instead? There’s an emoji for that? Crushed by the sheer weight of existence and can’t quite find the way to translate your heavy sense of ennui into language? Yep, there’s probably an emoji for that too.

Gifs are also pretty handy for those things too. So what if you could combine the two. That’d be handy wouldn’t it?

Evidently, Giphy know how you feel. And so it has launched a whole new range of animated emojis. “No longer are these familiar, emotive faces frozen in place,” it says, informing us that 80 of the world’s favourite word-replacers are now, “fully animated emoji to help add another dimension to everyday conversations.”

In addition to the new animated emoji – which are available for use on the Giphy app right now – the company has also introduced an add on called Giphy Text, which allows time-poor conversationalists the ability to make it “easier than ever for users to locate the perfect word and/or phrase to add that perfect amount of sarcasm, enthusiasm, or whatever emotion is needed for their conversation,” by locating all text stickers in one handy place.

Caroline Huber, Giphy’s VP of Product is reported as saying: “At Giphy, we believe that everything should move and it’s part of our mission to help make everyday conversations more animated.”She goes on to add that “We want to bring more life and positivity to our users, and believe these features will help people express themselves in new and creative ways – hopefully making the internet overall a better place.”

Whether that happens or not is entirely up to you. We know how we’ll be using them. Sorry mates. Sorry mum. Sorry everyone.


Via Giphy

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