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Giphy to host a gif gallery exhibition called Loop Dreams


Giphy: Loop Dreams

Giphy has announced it will host an exhibition of gifs entitled Loop Dreams. Featuring 25 artists, the New York show will include holographic convex posters, large-scale projections, digital artworks, VR and interactive installations.

On the bill are artists Julian Glander, Nicolas Sassoon, Laura Brothers and Phyllis Ma – some of their previous gif artworks are shown below.

Other exhibitors include Jacob Ciocci, Ann Hirsch, Sam Rolfes, Lifelong Fiction, Yung Jake, Katri Tikkanen, Lauren Pelc McArthur, Karan Singh, Zach Scott and Eno Swinnen.

During the one-day event there will be a VR gif showing, and a panel discussion led by Rhizome featuring Laura Brothers, curator Jason Eppink and Giphy founder Alex Chung, exploring the use of gifs as a medium for communication and art.

Loop Dreams is open from 10am – 6pm on 2 October at 201 Mulberry St, New York.

Nicolas Sassoon

Julian Glander

Laura Brothers

Phyllis Ma