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One of Asia’s biggest design awards announces its 2018 winners


Golden Pin Design Award: Sponges

The Golden Pin Design Award is an annual celebration of projects and products that have been created exclusively for and within Chinese-speaking communities. Every year, designers and delegates congregate in Taipei to cast an eye over some of the most cutting-edge design work going on in one of the biggest markets in the world. Spread across product design, communication design, spatial design, and integration design, it showcases emerging and existing talent.

At a ceremony last night, this year’s winners were announced. Taking place at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park a total of 37 gongs — 34 best design and three ‘Special Annual Awards’ — were doled out. Winners arrived from across China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to get their grateful hands on a trophy and a certificate. Think of it as one of those end-of-year 11 ceremonies you went to, except with more world-class design talent and less plastic cups of room temperature lemonade.

The 2018 winners included Landscape of City Magazine, a “3D map made up of City Magazine’s cover art, combined to form an aesthetic, atmospheric, historical, and biographical collage,” the Luka Baby Reading Robot, which uses visual recognition technology to help children learn to read, and Fountain a magazine which features “in-depth discussions of cultural issues and phenomena in Taiwan.”

You can check out the full list of winning projects and products right here.


Golden Pin Design Award: City Magazine


Golden Pin Design Award: The Affairs


Golden Pin Design Award: Fountain


Golden Pin Design Award: Not Just Library


Golden Pin Design Award: Hanyi Alzheimer font