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Greenspace invoke ideas of memory by reimagining classic film posters


Greenspace: Kennington Stories Film Festival

London has been responsible for a few classic film moments, from the now infamous heart lurching "I’m just a girl” line (you know the one) to the riotous depiction of football firms. It’s a theme that creative agency Greenspace has taken and run with by designing a series of ten films posters and postcards of films shot in London. After all, the only reboot most classic films need is maybe, a design one.

The posters, revisit 11 films, including Green Street, About a Boy, 28 Days Later, Notting Hill and Skyfall revisiting each through the lens of the theme of memory.

The designs see hot pink pulsing animations of knickers shaped like a heart in homage to Bridget Jones, a typographic approach to King George’s famous stutter, and an imposing minimalist calendar that counts us down to 28 days. Talking about the process of designing the posters, Greenspace designer Luke McIlveen says: “We took the opportunity to work in different styles, led by image, type or illustration to create quick-fire depictions. The event graphics are composed of ripped up compilations of the posters to summarise the festival. Also, this smile-in-the-mind visual link plays on the idea of memories, and more specifically memory loss, raising awareness of dementia.”

The posters promote Kennington Stories Film Festival, a two-day event produced by Anthology, The Cinema Museum, Created Out of Mind and Greenspace that brings together film, people and music in celebration of memories of London and includes screenings of the 1964 classic Mary Poppins and, if you’ve got the mettle, a sing-along of viewing of The Greatest Showman.

A strand of the festival also explores memory loss, with Wellcome-funded group Created Out of Mind curating a series of short films about dementia, while London College of Communication – which is based just up the road from the Cinema Museum, will present short films by past and current students. Oh, and the posters and postcards are being given away by The Cinema Museum at the event today, to mark the venue’s 21st birthday!

Kennington Stories takes place on 13 February.


Greenspace: Kennington Stories Film Festival


Greenspace: Kennington Stories Film Festival


Greenspace: Kennington Stories Film Festival