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Milton Glaser stars in I Heart NY documentary premiering at Tribeca film festival


A short documentary starring Milton Glaser and focusing on the creation of his iconic I Heart NY logo is to premiere at Tribeca Film Festival on 20 April. Directed by Andre Andreev with production company Dress Code, the film examines the life of the renowned New York graphic designer and “his struggle to find love for the city during a trying time”.

The short features Glaser speaking about his “enduring love for New York City, through its many phases, crises, and complications”. Glaser spoke of the logo’s fateful creation and its context in a 2016 interview with It’s Nice That, saying: “The slogan went beyond any expectations I had of its reach. For reasons that are not fully understandable, it’s still everywhere.”

“In 1977, people were moving out [of New York] by the thousands because the city had become unsafe,” he continues, describing 1970s New York as “self-despairing”. “What the city needed at that time was an affirmation, a restoration of the feeling that New York was an important place to be.”

A teaser for the I Heart NY has been released (below) and tickets for screenings are available here.


Andre Andreev and Dress Code: I Heart NY


Andre Andreev and Dress Code: I Heart NY


Andre Andreev and Dress Code: I Heart NY


Andre Andreev and Dress Code: I Heart NY