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Ikea included a Narnia-like secret portal in its augmented reality app


Credit: @skytteanna

Appealing to Easter egg fans and Ikeaphiles alike, a hidden detail of the Ikea Place app allows users to place a “magical” wardrobe anywhere and travel through its doors to a secret portal.

The app uses augmented reality to allow shoppers to see Ikea furniture at scale in real life scenarios, so you can see what that bookcase will really look like in your living room. But as users are beginning to discover and share on Twitter, if you place one particular wardrobe in front of you on the app, you can walk through and enter a parallel universe akin to Narnia. Although this alternate world is decidedly less fantastical than Narnia – it’s an ordinary Ikea warehouse. From inside the warehouse you can peruse the stacked shelves of boxed furniture, and look back on the real world behind you.

To try out the portal, open the Ikea Place app, press the plus button until your phone vibrates and place the flatpack wardrobe somewhere, then climb in. You need an iPhone 6S or above with iOS 11 or an Android phone with ARCore.