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An egg beats Kylie Jenner to become the most liked Instagram photo… ever


Instagram is a fun little thing, isn’t? Whether you’re perched on the top deck of a packed 21 bus crawling from Borough to Brockley or easing out of downward dog after a chakra-aligning yoga session in a hippy-dippy Ibizan hideaway, the social media platform always throws up something that’s worth a double-tapped like.

Look, it’s a photo of a pizza – like! Wow, someone you went to sixth form with is drinking a pint on a Sunday evening – like! A relatively underwhelming photo of a single egg with a white background… like? As of this morning -– January 14 – nearly 25 million users had found it in their hearts to award the latter with that all important bright red symbol of positive affirmation.

The work of an account called @_world_record_egg, the disarmingly simple image is now the most liked in Instagram history, having displaced the previous paragon of popularity, Kylie Jenner, who’d held the top spot since 6 February 2018 with a photo of her daughter, Stormi Webster.

Buzzfeed has attempted to crack – sorry, honestly, sorry – the mystery behind the post to little avail. As to why the post has garnered such a staggering amount of likes, ABC (the Australian Broadcasting Corporation_ notes that the account has tagged “some of the world’s biggest viral websites, including LADbible and Buzzfeed, as well as shouting out to The Ellen Show and late-night TV host Jimmy Fallon,” which is certainly one possible explanation.

Other heavy-hitting photos on the service include a post-operation Selena Gomez in hospital, Justin Bieber announcing his engagement to Hailey Baldwin, and a hat-clad Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating Christmas with his seemingly unimpressed family.

If you’re yet to give the egg a like – and as far as photos of eggs go, it is quite a nice one – then cast a glance below and give it a hearty tap or two.