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Liverpool Biennial and Istanbul Biennial launch international billboard project


Manchester. Photo: Rob Battersby

Liverpool Biennial has teamed up with with the 15th Istanbul Biennial for an international billboard project realised across Liverpool and Manchester with other host cities to join the project next year.

The International Billboard Project is based around the theme of a good neighbour, borrowing the title of the 15th Istanbul Biennial curated by the artists Elmgreen & Dragset. The Biennial will consider how living models have shifted over the last few decades.

The project will house photographs by Lukas Wassmann and Rupert Smyth of “unexpected encounters”, asking what makes a “good” neighbour. “Is a good neighbour someone you don’t fear?”, asks one. “Is a good neighbour someone who has just moved in?” asked another. A third asked “Is a good neighbour too much to ask for?”

Next year, the project will travel to billboard sites in cities including Moscow, Sydney, Milan, Ljubljana, Belfast, Plovdiv, Chicago and Seoul.


Edge Lane, Liverpool. Photo: Rob Battersby


Rice Lane, Liverpool. Photo: Rob Battersby