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PES tackles marine plastic pollution in his latest stop motion mini-masterpiece

We like Adam Pesapane. Better known as PES, the Oscar-nominated director and bloke we once described as the don of stop motion animation, Adam’s provided stunning visuals for the likes of Honda, Scrabble, and change-cashing giants, Coinstar.

His latest commercial work has seen him engaging in a tri-pronged creative conversation with sea-mad conservation group Parley for the Ocean, and America’s fifth-best-selling beer, Corona.

Created for Earth Day — which was celebrated on 22 April — The Fish sees Adam utilising “washed-up marine plastic waste to assemble a robot-like fish that is eventually eaten by an opportunistic seagull.”

Yes, it does sound a bit like a bad trip that a bloke you met in the sauna at Glastonbury one year told you about in punishing detail, but trust us: it is far more charming (and far less harrowing) than that experience.

Orchestrated by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, the film is intended to make viewers pause and take stock of the fact that plastic waste is a major contributor to the death of around 100,000 marine mammals and turtles each year.

“I’m proud to be able to use my platform as a filmmaker to raise awareness of this issue,” Adam says. Collectively, we have not been doing enough to look after the oceans – and this must change. It has been a pleasure working with both Corona and Parley for the Oceans to create this animation that will hopefully raise awareness of the critical situation facing our ocean wildlife.”

Not just stop motion for the sake of stop motion, The Fish forms part of an interactive portal which’ll showcase the good work that Corona and Parley are doing in the field of beach clean-up operations across the globe.

Given that, as W+K informs us, “eight million metric tons of plastic pollution still enter the world’s oceans every year,” each of us should strongly consider popping our wellies on and hot-footing it to the nearest beach with a litter-picker in hand.


PES: The Fish (Via W+K Amsterdam)


PES: The Fish (Via W+K Amsterdam)


PES: The Fish (Via W+K Amsterdam)


PES: The Fish (Via W+K Amsterdam)