Architect Sir David Adjaye OBE designs the 2019 Brit Award

4 December 2018
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BRIT Awards/Sir David Adjaye OBE

The thing about the Brit Awards is that you never quite know what to expect when you sit down on a cold February evening to watch. Will Jarvis Cocker flash his pasty white posterior at another mega-celebrity again? Is Geri Halliwell going to emerge head-first from a splayed pair of legs for a second time? And could this finally be the year where the bloke from Boyzone who isn’t Ronan, Keith, or Shane picks up the special recognition award?

Only time will provide us with answers to those questions but what we do know is that the trophies dished out to winners at the ceremony on 20 February 2019 have been designed by architect Sir David Adjaye.

In a press release accompanying the announcement, Sir David describes the Brits as “a quintessential part of a celebration of British talent and a powerful forum to really talk about the evolving nature of British culture and the contribution of people to that culture,” going on to describe his interpretation of the trophy as “the manifestation of a great material forged in fire and shaped into the body of a woman.”

He goes on to say, “She is unique, and proportionally she is very different. For me, designing the award was an opportunity to question and explore – what is the nature of perfection and imperfection, what is the notion of beauty?” adding that, “It was exciting to transfer those ideas to a smaller object. Now, we have something that I really, really love; I’m very happy with it."

To bring his vision to life, David was partnered with Czech glassmakers Lasvit who, we’re told, “utilised a complex glass casting process to produce a completely unique set of statues,” each of which will find its way into someone’s clammy palms early next year.


Brit Awards/Sir David Adjaye OBE


Brit Awards/Sir David Adjaye OBE


Brit Awards/Sir David Adjaye OBE

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