Something™ Spaces and Nobrow bring superb illustration to every new tab through this browser plugin

Creative studio Something™ has collaborated with Nobrow Press to showcase work by 25 illustrators including Noa Snir, Lisk Feng, Micah Lidberg and Yukai Du, through a downloadable Chrome extension.

23 March 2021

London-based creative studio Something™ has collaborated with publisher Nobrow Press on the next phase of its browser plugin / illustration showcase Something™ Spaces. When you add the Chrome extension, every new tab you open shows you work by a different illustrator. This collaboration sees Nobrow bring 25 illustrators from its community to the platform, so whenever you open a new tab for the next month you’ll discover a variety of superb work from the likes of Lisk Feng, Gizem Vural, Micah Lidberg, Molly Mendoza, Yukai Du and lots more.

The Something™ Spaces plugin is a simple but effective idea, not dissimilar to the way WeTransfer uses its backgrounds to display artwork. The project actually started out IRL, aiming to fill “underutilised and overlooked” physical spaces such as building shutters or hoardings, with a more inspiring visual treat. With the project, Something™ wanted to “take creativity to where people are already spending their time,” and reframe how creative work is used in our environment, as well as sharing that person’s work with a potential new audience. In the Covid-19 era, the studio pivoted to a digital version of this, ie. the fresh canvas of a new tab opening in your browser. The plugin offers variety to audiences seeking new creative inspiration, as well as showcasing illustrator’s work to those who might not have found it before.

The initiative was borne from Something™ Else, a team within the Something™ studio whose mission is to remove the barriers between underrepresented talent and opportunities. Therefore the work shown aims to amplify creators from a diverse range of backgrounds and communities. The other illustrators being showcased are AJ Dungo, Avalon Nuovo, Bárbara Malagoli, Bia Melo, Eero Lampinen, Giacomo Agnello Monica, Helen Li, Isabel Roxas, Jasjyot Singh Hans, Loris Lora, Marcos Chin, Nishant Choksi, Noa Snir, Rômolo D’Hipólito, Sally Deng, Sapo Lendário, Sarah Soh, Tyrell Waiters, Yeji Yun and Zhang Liang.

As part of the collaboration, Nobrow and Something™ will be publishing interviews with some of the illustrators involved via their Instagram profiles.

Download the Something™ Spaces Chrome extension here.

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