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The Corner creates “blank” posters for Fuller’s that reveal secret imagery via Instagram


The Corner: Frontier poster campaign for Fuller’s. Illustration: Crispin Finn

Advertising agency The Corner has created a poster campaign for Fuller’s Frontier lager, with a hidden image – illustrated by Crispin Finn – that can be revealed by a viewer using Instagram. The poster encourages passers-by to take a photo of the seemingly blank poster, adjust the filters on Instagram to reveal the hidden image underneath the block of yellow ink, and share it to enter a competition.

The campaign is one of many to attempt to encourage consumers to connect with brands on social media, but is pioneering in its use of simple printing techniques to invite real-life play and interaction. In a world where companies are trying more technical routes, such as VR, to stand out to customers, The Corner’s approach shows there’s still inspiration to be found in traditional printing methods and readily available technology.

The posters will be distributed around east London for a short two-week run. Viewers who share the poster with the hashtag #FindFlavour can possibly win free beers and cinema tickets.


The Corner: Frontier poster campaign for Fuller’s