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The Future of the work place as imagined by “Generation Z”


‘Workspace Invaders’ The Future of the Workspace, 2015

Frank Gehry has designed the HQ for Facebook, Norman Foster has designed the HQ for Apple and Thomas Heatherwick and BIG are working on a new Google campus. The future of the workspace is being defined by the biggest names in the world of architecture. This week a group of 16 school pupils have unveiled their own design for the ideal work environment, providing an alternative vision of the kind of spaces “generation Z” would like work in.

Hanging work pods, holographic projects, interactive tablet desks that turn into beds, virtual reality rooms and communal vegetable allotments to provide ingredients for a healthy lunch are just a few of the proposals by the pupils. The ideas, developed during a workshop with leading London architecture practices, Open City and Norwegian furniture brand HAG, saw the young designers place an emphasis on health, the environment, technology and innovative workspaces.

Further concepts posited by the pupils included a Netflix room, chairs that generate their own energy and holiday rooms with beaches and swimming pools. As the lines between work and personal lives become increasingly blurred, the next generation of have offered a glimpse of what they feel is important and how they want it to look.


Workspace Invaders, Green Spaces, 2015


Workspace Invaders, Holographic Projections, 2015