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The New York Times champions women’s voices in new Golden Globes ad


The New York Times

The topic of sexual harassment well and truly took centre stage in 2017, with every major newspaper working to uncover what had been years of systematic abuse of women in tech, media and the entertainment industries.

One newspaper that played a particularly large role in the exposé was The New York Times, with its high profile coverage of Harvey Weinstein from Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey. Clearly still working hard to champion women’s voices everywhere, the paper released an ad during the Golden Globes highlighting the issue once more. The video is the latest instalment of the paper’s The Truth is Hard campaign, created by Droga5 in New York.

Like its predecessor, the ad is simple in its execution, utilising black-on-white type and powerful statements. The spot opens with a back-and-forth topical exchange of “he said, she said” eventually filing the screen overwhelmingly with “she said”. The campaign’s signature words then appear stating that: “The truth has power. The truth will not be threatened. The truth has a voice.”

“We thought that using language that has been used to silence women in the past and turning it on its head was a simple way to show the clear distinction between the way the world was merely a year ago and the way it is now,” says Droga5’s associate creative director, Julie Matheny.

On top of its commanding digital assets, the campaign will also include print elements. David Rubin, senior vice president head of brand, states that: "The TV highlights the larger impact the [New York Times’] journalism has had, but we want to be a little more specific to try and connect all the dots,” adding that, “it’s important we do both. Going forward, new ads will address other major news topics of the moment.”


The New York Times


The New York Times


The New York Times