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Thom Yorke teams up with Paul Thomas Anderson for new Netflix short film

Later this month, a short film directed by There Will Be Blood auteur Paul Thomas Anderson and scored by Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke will hit Netflix.

Anima is billed by the streaming service as a “mind-bending visual piece,” that is “best played loud,” and is a visual accompaniment to a new Yorke solo album of the same name. Both film and LP are to be released 27 June.

Netflix has released a suitably gnomic trailer-of-sorts that gives pretty much absolutely nothing away as to what we can expect when we slop onto our sofas after work one evening next week.

Earlier this week Yorke teased fans by projecting messages on various London landmarks, including Tate Modern. “Do you have trouble remembering your dreams?” the projections read, before inviting intrigued onlookers to call a mobile number that offered to give them a chance to experience “a dream camera.”

Adverts for the service also appeared on the Tube, with Dazed reporting that “Anyone who calls Yorke’s advertised number hears a strange automated statement about how Anima has been “ordered by the High Court to cease and desist” its operations, followed by airy, synthy sounds.”


From Anima (Via Netflix)