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Vice’s latest doc takes a look at a film director with a difference

Edgy youth media specialists Vice’s latest documentary sees it profiling a filmmaker with a difference.

All of his life David Fussell has dreamt of an action-spy-horror film called Mystic Demon Killer. After familial and financial tragedy strikes, David decides to make that dream a reality. Released yesterday, The Homeless Film Director charts David’s progress as he self-finances, writes, produces, directs, and acts in the film that’s evidently sustained him through thick and thin.

Having originally begun shooting Mystic Demon Killer in Wales, David moved down to London in 2013. Like Blanche DuBois, David — now homeless — relied on the kindness of others, a story he details in this week’s Time Out.

Eventually, a member of staff at Vice’s London office got wind of the movie, thanks to a mention in a local newspaper. The resulting documentary — directed by Grant Armour — follows David as he prepares for the cinematic release of Mystic Demon Killer, which makes its debut at Screen on the Green.

There are over 320,000 homeless people living in Britain today, and rough sleeping estimates are up by around 165 per cent since 2010. Which makes projects like The Homeless Film Director all the more important – after all, homelessness doesn’t preclude imagination and invention.

Anyone wanting to watch Mystic Demon Killer itself can hop on over to Vimeo and rent the thing right now.