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Virgil Abloh and Takashi Murakami tease new Gagosian Gallery show on Instagram


via Virgil Abloh Instagram

Virgil Abloh is set to collaborate with Takashi Murakami on an exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery, London.

The show is due to open at the Gagosian Gallery on 20 February. Titled Future History, not much is known about the show, although glimpses of what viewers might expect have been released on social media. Takashi Murakami posted a black, white and neon pink collage portrait of William Shakespeare partially concealed by Murakami’s character Mr. DOB to Instagram, while use Virgil Abloh used the social media platform to post an “in progress” image of an artwork titled times.

The art and fashion designer pair first collaborated in 2017 when they produced a range of hand printed T-shirts inspired by Takashi Murakami’s 1992 — 2007 Signboard project and handmade by the duo. In January, Takashi posted a picture to Instagram of a tote bag which featured Off-White’s crossed arrow logo on one side and Takashi Murakami’s Mickey Mouse design on the other along with the words “FUTURE” and “HISTORY”. The pair are rumoured to be releasing a range of merchandise to accompany the exhibition.

Gagosian are yet to confirm any details about the upcoming exhibition on their website.


via Takashi Murakami Instagram


via Takashi Murakami Instagram


via Takashi Murakami Instagram