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Wieden+Kennedy London unveils logo-heavy new football kit


Wieden+Kennedy London

From Sheffield Wednesday’s association with Chupa Chups, to Scarborough’s early-90s dalliance with the since-forgotten Black Death Vodka, there’s a long and storied history of football kits being bundled onto the pitch emblazoned with all sorts of commercial logos. It makes sense – after all, what better way to advertise Ken Thorne’s World of Cars, or the All in One Garden Centre than by paying a hefty sum to have it worn proudly by the denizens of Cardiff and Rochdale respectively?

With that in mind, creative agency Wieden+Kennedy London has unveiled its new football kit, and boy oh boy is it a logo-heavy affair. Coming just weeks after the 2018/19 season kicked off, the white kit is dotted with the identities of everyone from Nike to Cravendale, via Honda, Tyrrells, and the Football Association.

“In light of increasing competition for space on football kits this season, and because W+K loves all of its clients equally, each and every one of its sponsors is included in the design,” W+K say.

Freddy Taylor, a creative at W+K London told It’s Nice That exclusively that when it comes to a kickabout, Tony Davidson is their in-house Cristiano Ronaldo. “He might not have the ball control. Or the shooting accuracy. Or the Portuguese flair of a CR7. But no one comes as close to ‘pitch presence’ as our shouty, silver-haired stallion.”

Freddy also told us that anyone looking to start a chant at the next W+K London away game might want to try the following on for size:

Clients on the shirt,
Helen Andrews beaming.
The velcro logos hurt,
Never stopped us dreaming

Readers – let us know how that goes.


Wieden+Kennedy London


Wieden+Kennedy London


Wieden+Kennedy London