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Wieden + Kennedy launches the first ever “travel show for aliens”

Travel shows are televisual staples for a good reason: most of us want to see the world but fundamentally, and sadly, the bulk of us are lazy. Whether it’s Judith Chalmers, Anthony Bourdain, or Simon Reeve, we can’t get enough of TV personalities pottering around far-flung corners of the globe. But what if, and it is admittedly quite a sizeable what if we’re playing with here, we told you we’d been privy to the first ever travel show made for aliens? That’d be fun and exciting, wouldn’t it? Yes, yes it would.

Happily, we have been shown such a thing. Made to promote S7 Airlines, which is Russia’s biggest domestic airline fact fans, Visit Earth is a six-part “comedic documentary series” produced by Wieden + Kennedy. First broadcast in Russia last year – where it has already garnered a staggering 35 million cumulative views – the full series is available for “English speaking extraterrestrials” right now.

The campaign aims to remind us Earthlings that we live on what is, all things considered, a pretty fun planet. “Earth is awesome. It has ice cream, waterfalls, mountains, beaches, cute puppies and seven-string guitars, parties and so much more,” says W+K’s Evgeny Primachenko, creative director at the Amsterdam outpost who worked with creative production studio Ambassadors on the design, animation, edit, colour, VFX, sound and music for the project. “But sometimes we can take our planet for granted. Creating Visit Earth was a great opportunity to not only produce content that would achieve S7’s brief to raise brand awareness, but also to make something that reminds all of us how lucky we are to live here and have the privilege to call ourselves earthlings.”

We’re told that the W+K team “searched the globe for obscure stories that would entice our alien friends, such as Italian cheese bowlers and Icelandic nudists,” with the finished result actually being beamed into space itself to entice alien visitors. The signal is expected to reach the obscure exoplanet, Gliese 581c, in 20 years.

If you want to experience Earth through the eyes of an alien, you can just hop over you YouTube right now and watch all six episodes of Visit Earth right now.


Wieden + Kennedy: Visit Earth (via Wieden + Kennedy)


Wieden + Kennedy: Visit Earth (via Wieden + Kennedy)


Wieden + Kennedy: Visit Earth (via Wieden + Kennedy)


Wieden + Kennedy: Visit Earth (via Wieden + Kennedy)