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W+K Portland’s charming new spot for Coca-Cola features three graffiti characters


Coca-Cola: Mural

Wieden and Kennedy Portland have created a new advert for Coca-Cola titled Mural.

The minute-long spot features three animated graffiti characters stealthily shifting off a wall and, unseen by passersby distracted by drinking Coca-Cola, climb their way up skyscrapers towards their destination: a print ad of three bottles of Coca-Cola. The trio then enjoy the drinks together on the side of a water tower.

The characters are named Shawn, Jessica and Desmond, and each displays its own charming personality traits. Shawn is a “street-savvy” Octopus, Jessica is a sometimes temperamental cloud and Desmond is a trendily-dressed robot.

Mural has been crafted to raise awareness for Coca-Cola’s newly launched communications platform A Coke For Everyone, which further knits together the company’s drinks Coca-Cola, Coke Zero Sugar and Coca-Cola Life under the umbrella of a single trademarked brand.

The spot was created by creative director Hal Curtis and Erik Fahrenkpoft. The art director was James Moslander and the copywriter was Adam Tetreault. It was directed by Kylie Matulick and Todd Mueller. Goldenwolf were behind the Coke Mural 2D animation.


Coca-Cola: Mural


Coca-Cola: Mural


Coca-Cola: Mural