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Tyler Brûlé’s agency Winkreative celebrates 20 years in the game with lavish new book


Winkreative: The Knowing Wink

Twenty years ago to the week, Wallpaper* founder Tyler Brûlé – a contender for one of the best names in the creative industries, surely – decided to launch a small experiment in communication from a broom cupboard that overlooked the Thames. Two decades on, and Winkreative is still going strong.

Having worked over the years with clients ranging from Air Canada to Wimbledon, via Lexus and the government of Thailand, Tyler and his team are set to celebrate their big birthday with a week-long exhibition and the release of a project-spanning publication, Knowing Wink.

Looking back on the early days of the business, Tyler notes that: “with a pair of Macs, a tiny team and a couple of mandates from eager clients in search of new creative solutions, Wink launched as an editorially-driven agency sitting within one of the world’s biggest media companies.”

The exhibition takes place at London’s Midori House between 14 and 18 November, 2018; where visitors can grab a free copy of the lavish-looking publication.

Winkreative says that both the book and exhibition are an attempt to display how “meaningful, quality design can have a positive impact on the lives of customers, passengers, staff and guests.”


Winkreative: Knowing Wink


Winkreative: Knowing Wink


Winkreative: Knowing Wink


Winkreative: Knowing Wink