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Zaha Hadid’s drawings, paintings and calligraphy to be revealed in new show


An exhibition of architect Zaha Hadid’s rarely seen drawings, paintings and calligraphy will be shown at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery later this year. The show, first conceived with Hadid before she died, will give an insight to the architect’s creative process, showing artworks that later became renowned buildings.

On display will be a concept painting for Cardiff Bay Opera House in Wales (1994 — 1996); an abstract painting of Hafenstrasse Development in Hamburg, Germany (1989); and Confetti, a piece depicting The Peak leisure club in Hong Kong (1982 — 1983). Sketches and other digital artworks will also be shown.

Hadid’s first structure in London was the inaugural Serpentine Pavilion in 2000, and one of her first permanent buildings in the city was an extension to the Sackler Gallery in 2013.

The exhibition will take place from 8 December 2016 — 12 February 2017.


Zaha Hadid: concept painting, Cardiff Bay Opera House, Wales (1994 — 1995)


Zaha Hadid: Hafenstrasse Development, Hamburg, Germany (1989)


Zaha Hadid: sketchbook archive (2001)


Zaha Hadid: Vision for Madrid (1992)


Zaha Hadid: Metropolis (1998)


Zaha Hadid: Confetti (The Peak, Hong Kong, 1982 – 1983)