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  1. Nt_youtube_4 Nicer Tuesdays Meji Alabi on discovering his roots through film and music
  2. Quentin-dufour-illustration-itsnicethat-1 Illustration Stoic black cats and burning worlds: Quentin Dufour on his chaotic illustrations
  3. Jir%cc%8ci%cc%81-makovec-work-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Jiří Makovec’s photographs meander between the personal and the universal
  4. Andong-zheng-a-chinese-question-photography-itsnicethat-1 Photography In photographing the American west, Andong Zheng uncovers hidden traces of Chinese history
  5. Universal-thirst-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Meet Universal Thirst, the Bangalore and Reykjavik-based foundry offering a dual perspective on type
  6. Dean-davies-vicky-olschak-manchester-girls-photography-itsnicethat-01 Photography Manchester Girls, the new series from Dean Davies, is a visual homage to the women of the north
  7. W-e-b-du-bois-charting-black-lives-house-of-illustration-itsnicethat-list Illustration Back in 1900, activist W. E. B. Du Bois was using infographics to challenge white supremacy
  8. Worthikids-witches-on-tinder-animation-itsnicethat-1 Animation Two old witches discover Tinder in Worthikids' hilarious animation
  9. Tomorrow-bureau-xtreme-scenario-digital-itsnicethat-list Digital Watch Tomorrow Bureau’s obsessive and macabre ode to technical outdoor gear
  10. Viktor-hubner-the-americans-i-met-photography-itsnicethat-1 Photography Viktor Hübner photographs American anxieties amongst a shifting political environment
  11. Karl-anders-red-star-fc-work-graphicdesign-list Graphic Design “Legacy meets contemporary”: Karl Anders on its campaign for Red Star FC
  12. Opinionpiece_stacie-woolsey_optimized Opinion Studying a master's felt like a party Stacie Woolsey wasn't invited to, so she made her own
  13. Nt_youtube_3 Nicer Tuesdays How to materialise the different facets of an artist: InterestingProjects on re-imagining Keith Haring
  14. Nt_youtube_2 Nicer Tuesdays Enda Bowe on connecting beauty across borders
  15. Studio-phenomena-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Studio Phenomena looks at syllable-based writing, lost dreams and sensory experiences
  16. Louis-morton-floreana-animation-itsnicethat-1 Animation Animal training and symphonious masses: Louis Morton animates his post-climate change world
  17. Fatima-moreno-illustration-121119 Illustration Smudgy lines and bulging behinds: meet Fátima Moreno’s cheeky characters
  18. Eloise-harris-work-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Eloise Harris celebrates physical touch and materiality in her thoughtful design practice
  19. Polyester-fifth-anniversary-publication-itsnicethat-01 Publication Covering beauty, masculinity and reproductive justice – Polyester releases four iconic anniversary zines
  20. Guen-fiore-photography-itsnicethat-01 Photography Telling scenes and soft embraces: Guen Fiore captures the intimacy of the female form
  21. Otto-splotch-work-illustration-itsnicethat-list Illustration Otto Splotch combines the gross and absurd with beautifully detailed handiwork
  22. Brando-corradini-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Designer Brando Corradini finds freedom in his personal work
  23. Torsten-rasmus-cityringen-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Kontrapunkt's type designers talk us through its design for Copenhagen's in-train displays
  24. Giovanni-hanninen-people-of-tamba-photography-itsnicethat-01 Photography Giovanni Hänninen documents the people of Tambacounda through 200 portraits
  25. Howie-kim-digital-art-work-itsnicethat-list Art Anything and everything is possible in Howie Kim’s digital fantasy worlds
  26. Arnheldeserra-photography-itsnicethat-04 Photograhy Photographer Arnhel de Serra turns the lens back on today’s selfie-stick culture
  27. Odd-m_s-gojumpers-advertising-itsnicethat-list Advertising M&S brings Single Ladies director on board for a jumping Christmas advert
  28. Christine-fenzl-land-of-sonne-work-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Land in Sonne explores the young generations now living in former East Berlin and its impacts
  29. Wesandersonjumanmalouf-ilsarcofagodispitzmausealtritesori-publication-it'snicethat-01 Publication A book chronicling tiny, bizarre treasures curated by Wes Anderson and Juman Malouf
  30. Kellnberger-white-being-human-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Warm, tactile and accessible: Kellenberger-White on its exhibition design for Being Human
  31. Evan-cohen-quiet-illustration-itsnicethat-1 Illustration Evan Cohen thinks about the daily resources we need to survive in his newest comic
  32. Nina-bachmann-illustration-itsnicethat-02 Illustration Through an optimistic lens, Nina Bachmann illustrates the playfulness of the everyday
  33. O%e2%80%99ple%cc%81rou-grebert-emojis-digital-work-itsnicethat-list2 Digital O’Plérou Grebet’s new emojis allow “Africans to communicate more accurately using instant messaging”
  34. Weareoutofoffice-screenprint-illustration-itsnicethat-list Illustration Take a shopping trip with We Are Out of Office: the Dutch design duo re-imagining what’s on the shelves
  35. Sally-thurer-graphic-design-itsnicethat-11 Graphic Design Sally Thurer's critical design practice reaches beyond what you can see with your eyes
  36. Listimage Publication Banana Magazine sheds light on the complexities of Asian identity
  37. Laurenlancaster-patriots-photography-itsnicethat-list2 Photography Lauren Lancaster's photographs depict politics in all its absurdity
  38. Salman-toor-art-itsnicethat-01 Art “I wanted to be as good as the white old masters”: meet painter Salman Toor
  39. Sebastian-wyss-graphic-design-digital-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Sebastian Wyss seamlessly integrates technology into his design process
  40. Yoshi-sodeoka-bookshelf-regulars-itsnicethat-list Bookshelf Yoshi Sodeoka’s Bookshelf is all about design that gets better with age