100for10 publish global artists such as Supermundane and Spassky Fisher in cheap 100-page black and white books

14 February 2018

In June 2015, after visiting an exposition of photographer Robert Frank’s work at Munich’s Academy of Fine Arts, Lars Harmsen and Florian Brugger (of Melville Brand Design in Munich) were inspired to begin their project 100for10. The revered Swiss-American photographer’s images, which lined the walls of the gallery from floor to ceiling, were ink-jetted on thin paper and glued to the walls.

Upon seeing this “cheap, quick and dirty” form of production, the pair set about curating “unique work from internationally renowned artists presented to a broad audience – not inexpensive high gloss coffee table books – but in an affordable and raw monograph.” Each participating artist is invited to create whatever they want, the only stipulation being that it has to be 100-pages and restricted to black and white. The books are available for 10€ each inspiring the name 100for10.

Initially, the contributing artists were friends of Lars (who is also the editor of typography magazine Slanted) but after staging their first exhibition in December 2015, the pair were approached by a host of artists keen to take part. With a focus on producing art that is accessible to everyone, 100for10’s publications vary in both style and concept. Some are cheeky, amusing or positively provocative whereas others are more critical or highly conceptual. As it stands, the project has now produced 100 affordable, attainable books and so, to celebrate this fact, 100for10 will be producing a 1000-page compilation.We caught up with the Melville Brand Design team and asked them to select ten highlights from the project so far.

Rob Lowe – Things, Edition #13

“Rob Lowe was one of the first artists 100for10 published. Known as Supermundane, Rob is an artist, graphic designer, letterer, illustrator and printmaker. His mesmerising drawings have been published and exhibited worldwide. His practice is defined by a distinctive use of lines, simplicity and humour which can be seen in all his different disciplines from typeface design to his personal works.”

Jean Valencia – Deep Sleep, Edition #28

“Jean Valencia is a very young talent (born in 1991) from Quezon City (Philippines). Her drawings are made with precise lines and the illustrations are very ironic. She seems to look at the world with a big smile.”

Spassky Fisher – Les Acacias, Edition #25

“Lars met Spassky while working on the Slanted Paris issue. Since that day, he has been following their work and loves all the stuff they are doing.”

Monoperro – 101 Magical Movements, Edition #52

“Monoperro is a self-taught artist. At the age of 33, he suffered a major crisis that changed his point of view on all the important aspects of his life. From that moment on, a personal journey began, which made him explore various fields such as shamanism, alchemy, tarot, reiki, etc… (always from an unorthodox position). His drawings are guided by a spiritual entity. They look weird, crooked and sometimes brutal like mescaline.”

Peter Aurisch – Vakantie, Edition #65

“Berlin-based artist Peter Aurisch creates some of the most original tattoos in the city — and in a place with an estimated 2,000 tattoo artists, that’s saying something. To keep his ideas fresh and original, he only begins planning a new piece when the client first arrives. He tends to work freehand without sketches or source imagery and instead gets inspired by stories and details provided by his customers. His book is a revelation.”

Hu-Be – Scribblitti, Edition #79

“This Italian artist is drawing lines, so fast and so many of them, you’d believe he has 10 hands. Now, instead of drawing on paper, Hu-Be covers walls and rooms. They are all connected to personal stories of the owners of the chosen places. His style is unique, complex and just incredibly intense.”

Markus Burke – No money, no pines, Edition #36

“Markus Burke is a photographer from Munich, straight-forward and extremely fresh. His pictures always reveal an attitude, some kind of sign of the times. He has worked for Magazines like SZ Magazine, Neon, Vice, Musikexpress, Frame and GQ among many others.”

Max Löffler – Daymare Boogie, Edition #66

“Max is a graphic design student, as well as a freelance illustrator based near Frankfurt, am Main. His drawings come from a different planet, they are not from this world.”

Kid Richards – II, Edition #76

“Kid is a 28-year-old Lisbon based Artist. He began as a rock’n’roll musician, then studied architecture for four years before becoming a photographer. He takes the reader on a night-ride with a mysterious girl. Dark, beautiful, sensitive and very erotic.”

Joni Majer – Making a Point, Edition #53

“Joni Majer was discovered by accident. She draws twisted thoughts in the most simple way. That’s what she loves doing. And that’s what 100for10 loves so much about her work!”

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