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Graduates 2009: Louise Naunton Morgan

Today’s graduate is Louise, a 23 year old designer/illustrator who has just graduated from Central St. Martins. Louise believes we are losing the essence of human production and craft to the machine, resulting in a soulless utilitarianism, the answer it seems is the quite incredible thehumanprinter.

Unlike any other printer, thehumanprinter creates unique, individual images each time it prints. Following the same process as a digital printer, thehumanprinter generates the printed product by hand resulting in these simply amazing images. Couple that with a great folio of work and you have yourself a very exciting graduate indeed.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I think there was never one thing that I particularly wanted to be. At one point I remember wanting to be a professional tennis player, but that quickly changed. At the age of ten I wrote to James Dyson to tell him how great his hoover was and that if he ever wanted to expand his business on to ironing boards I had some great ideas – so I guess design has always been in me somewhere.

In reflection, how bad was your work in the first year?

Absolutely awful. I had no idea what I was doing. Weirdly my foundation work was much better than both my first and second year.

If you could show a piece of your folio to one person, what piece would you choose, and who would you show it to?

Seeing as my most recent work deals with the subjects of humans vs machines, I would like to show my portfolio to The Terminator. I would be interested to see if he could relate to it.

If you had your own business, who would you employ and why?

I would have to employ my dogs, Ianto and Max to help me run my dog walking business.

If you’ve got any left, what will you spend the last of your student loan on?

A nice holiday!

Where will we find you in 12 months?

Good question. Hopefully just about to start an MA…