Work / Illustration

Stuart Kolakovic

This week’s guest is the fantastic Stuart Kolakovic.

‘This is an image from my up-coming show, Never Been at Projekts MCR this December. Ever since writing Milorad, an 80 page comic about my Serbian Grandad, I’ve been really intrigued/obsessed with the eastern European folk art aesthetic and folklore. If it all comes together in time, I’ll have a 9 meter long drawing that will wrap around the back wall at Projekts.

Although not strictly a comic, it’s definitely going to contain snippets of narrative woven around the idea of a year in the life of a fictional late 19th century Eastern European Village. If you do find yourself in Manchester this winter, pop in and have a look. Other things do in Manchester include posing outside Salford Working Man’s club pretending you’re Morrissey, and getting beaten up by 8 year old scallies with rat ‘taches.’

See the full flyer for Never Been here and check back at lunchtime for Stu’s second post.