Work / Exhibition

Hellovon at Espeis Gallery

‘Espeis Gallery is pleased to present a series of large-scale original drawings, and smaller-scale limited prints by Londo based artist, HelloVon. New Yorkers have been graced with Hellovon’s immaculate illustrations of political figures and others in the New york Times Sunday magazine. For the first time, his large scale, original work will be presented in NYC in its original state. Hellovon’s body of work can be perhaps best described as a seamless blend of traditional and digital marks. Heavily influeced by music and fashion, Von produces subtle narratives with a delicate, ethereal quality.’

It almost makes you want to book a flight. A UK exhibition can’t be too far away surely. Show runs from 20th October – 18th November.

Also see the YouTube Videos, Panther and Humming Bird.