Work / Illustration

Betsy Walton / If Destroyed…

This week, Sean chose:

1) Illustrator Betsy Walton
‘All of Betsy’s work thrums with that first-day-of-Spring thrum, where all the colours and the grasses and the rosy faces shake and rattle you. Birds, beards, vines, pools… Everything set a little crookedly, wrongly, and beautifully.’

& 2) If Destroyed Still True
‘My friend Nine has just published the new issue of her zine, and it’s wonderful. It deals with grief, travel, relationships, love, memory, and the small spaces where we eke out our lives. It is one of those photocopy cut-up jobs, maps and bits of found paper, but the writing in it is subtle, moving, and singingly charged. It costs less than one pound sterling.’