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Another week and another collection of books, magazines and posters that have found their way into the studio. The best of which is reviewed here. If you want to send us anything to look at please post it to It’s Nice That, 93a Rivington Street, London EC2A 3AY. While we can’t promise it’ll find itself on the site we do promise to look at everything and post it up where we can.

Mike Perry for Gap Project Red

By Mike Perry
You know you’re in for a treat when you recognise what you’re about to open is from Mike Perry and this was no exception. “Not everyone fit’s the mold, in fact most don’t” was a piece for Gap’s Project Red produced this year.

Very Small Shops

By John Stones. Published by Laurence King
This is my kind of book, the idea of getting lost in the world of small shops and exploring the different approaches to these tiny spaces is something I can daydream about with ease. Very Small Shops is a fantastic compilation of 40 stores from around the world separated into three categories; small shops, smaller shops and tiny shops. For anyone who is thinking of owning something similar in the future or to simply fuel the daydream.

Extreme Architecture

By Ruth Slavid. Published by Laurence King
It’s fair to say there are a lot of books on architecture at the moment but it would also be fair to say there is a lot of architecture, and in a similar comparison there is bound to be some good and some not so good. This is the former, showcasing 45 recent buildings designed for challenging environments including the moon and underwater. An insightful book that will live somewhere on a coffee table for months to come.

Esquire. September 2009

Limited Edition Collector’s Issue
Over the last few years the term ‘limited edition’ has been associated with just about everything, including yoghurt. This month Esquire thought they’d serve up a limited edition hardback version for their suit themed issue, dressing it in something a little special. A great issue that goes beyond what they’ve done in previous months including a feature pairing 18 leading artists with designers resulting in a variety of suits, Anthony Gormly and Graeme Fidler in particular.

The Upset – Young Contemporary Art

Published by Gestalten
Young contemporary art is something I know very little about but fortunately Gestalten have compiled this weighty volume archiving the best of what’s out there. Featuring household names like Friends With You, Faile and Dzine as well as more unknown artists The Upset provides page after page of varied visual work from a new breed of artists. Another book we will work our way through over the coming weeks before it finds itself on a bookshelf.