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Marcelo Gomes

Hazy, unforgettable photographs from Brazilian photographer Marcelo Gomes who has a folio awash with beautiful colour and form, and people captured in a way that will stick with you. I was so taken with his work that I asked him a few questions about it, and gleamed a few more of his wonderful photos for your viewing pleasure.

Hey Marcelo, you’re Brazilian and ended up in New York, how did that happen?

I went to school in America, the university of Iowa (I graduated with a BA in political science) to be more precise (it’s long story, but I went to university on a basketball scholarship) after graduation I took my first job, working for the Discovery Channel in Miami. I hated it (for an entire year), then decided to move to New York City to intern at index, and it was an amazing experience. I used to subscribe whist living in Miami, sent them an e-mail, they interviewed me, and took me in. I ended up working there for three and a half years – it was like my art school.

Your photos are pretty special, and you like incorporating colour – why is that?

I’ve always been drawn to colour; unusual colour palettes, neon (Dan Flavin, Alexader Girard, Donald Judd), I’ve actually been stuck on magenta for a long time, the other day I came to realise it could all be because of Loveless, a My Bloody Valentine record cover.

Are you a big music fan? What do you listen to?

I am, I listen to music all day everyday. I love Caetano Veloso (he’s probably my favourite artist), Robert Wyatt, Bruce Springsteen, Spacemen 3, Talking Heads, I’ve recently been stuck on everything the Durutti Column ever recorded (especially the first two records), Scott Walker, Neil Young, of the more recent stuff, I really like the Chromatics and Glass Candy.

You photograph a lot of models, are you interested in the fashion world, or do they just look the best?

I suppose fashion is a natural progression of the kind of pictures I take, at least that’s the way I see it, and lately I’ve been doing commercial work in fashion, so that explains the models. I stiil prefer regular people, women in their 30’s, they have more to give.

What camera do you shoot with?

I shoot mostly 35mm, with a Leica M6,

Who or what would you love to take a photo of?

I’ve been thinking constantly about shooting a zebra.