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Sense Worldwide

Sense Worldwide have been kind enough to let us host our monthly evenings of talks in there fantastic loft space in central London. Having never really explained what they do in any great detail we decided it was about time to let you know, to do so we caught up with the design director, Raj Panjwani.

Morning Raj, can you briefly explain what Sense Worldwide is?

We are an insight, innovation and strategy consultancy. What that means in simple terms is we help our clients improve their existing products and services or help them to develop new ones using research and collaboration. We’ve started to call it creative strategy.

The first thing you see when you visit your website is that you ‘help your clients to do the right thing by understanding people’, how have you come to understand people this well and what makes you different?

Whether developing a new product, sprucing up a brand, or improving a service we’ve always believed that if you put people at the centre of everything you do, you’ll be successful because you are making relevant stuff. It seems an obvious statement to make but in the world of product development, marketing and advertising it’s easy to loose sight of the fact that it’s individual people you’re communicating with or selling to.

10 years ago when Sense started, a core of 10-15 individuals used to get together and chat about issues of the day and the future, purely to try and understand more of what was going on in the world. This core grew into the Sense Network. It’s the Sense Network that we call on for opinions and thoughts when doing our projects. Senser’s help us in many different capacities for example; as respondents for opinion, experts we interview to inform our thinking and as co-creators. Everyone involved gets rewarded with hard cash but we find that most people get more satisfaction through the fact that they’ve contributed to something bigger.

So people become Sensers and help you, they get paid and you get a better awareness for your client. Everybody’s a winner, who are you looking for?

We’ve never promoted the Sense Network in traditional ways. We’ve only promoted it through our own events in the past like A4art and noWax (our democratic MP3 DJ night) and more recently our Summer Art Fair. Word-of-mouth is a great filter as only the people who are genuinely interested in what we do will find out about us. But ultimately everybody’s welcome to join. We never know what sort of projects we’ll be doing next and who we’ll need to talk to…