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Here’s a quick round up of the things that have worked thier way into the studio this week. From as far a field as New York, New Zealand and Australia we’ve enjoyed an eclectic mix, thanks to everyone who’s kindly sent anything in.

Merijn Hos Print

Hugo and Marie
Kindly sent through by New York favourites Hugo & Marie, this Merrijn Hos print was as much requested as it was offered. A simple retweet was all that was required and for the chance of winning more in the future you’ll need to start following them here – @hugoandmarie. The print is fantastic, Merijn is a hugely talented illustrator, as are everyone Hugo & Marie represent.

Pie Paper

Edited, designed and conceived by Markus Hofko & Simon Oosterdijk
The New Zealand based quarterly newspaper landed on my desk this morning, so although I can’t review it properly (having not read it) I thought it was worth a mention anyway. Words aside it looks fantastic, a series of different stocks interspersed throughout some genuinely intriguing content, I can’t wait to get into this weekend. More to follow…

The Indie Rock Coloring Book

By Yellow Bird Project, Illustrated by Andy J. Miller
Are you ever to old for a colouring in book? In truth you probably are, but The Yellow Bird Project and Andy J. Miller are doing their best to tempt you out of retirement, crack open the crayola, and keep inside the lines.

Low End Marauders

Designed and published by Rob Cordiner
Blogs have undoubtably played a big part in the demise of the fanzine but that hasn’t stopped Rob Cordiner producing _Low End Marauders-. Tracing the original samples used by Tribe in The Low End Theory, each spread flips a lyrical collage using typography strictly sampled from found print material.

This Is It 6

Another zine to have come through the door this week is This Is It 6. A line-up of 24 illustrators and animators is always going to provide varied content and the printed format is a refreshing change from scrolling down a blog.