2010 Review: James Gilpin

29 December 2010

A year of explosions, pink pants and archetypal british seasons. My answers to our review of the year…

I think my favourite weekends consist of elaborate poorly thought out plans that involve loading a trailer with enough timber to build a small log cabin and then setting off on the motorway. Destination not yet known. My Image of the year depicts said weekend in graphic detail.

Mark out of 10 for 2010?

To be honest I don’t think it would be fair to sum up 2010 with a number.

What broke? How did you fix it?

Andrews camping stove (see below)…

What was the best thing you saw this year?

I passed out of education this year with a group of people that will be creating amazing things year in and year out until I am either senile or dead. Seeing them start to do these things was by far the best thing I saw this year.

What was your favourite day of the year?

I am not a guy who generally enjoys his birthday but this year was somehow a triumph, it was the first time I actually managed wind surfing with any kind of measurable success, I also got to watch Gordon Gekko come back to life on the big screen and then go on to win and lose a million in an elaborate game of cards.

Most dangerous/scariest moment?

Exploding gas canister on a campsite during the construction of an over sized novelty Trojan horse (AKA The Pedal Powered Party Pony). Within moments several tents and my good friend Andrew were on fire. There was a moment where I thought we might kill hundreds of people but fortunately modern day tent construction does not make for good kindling.

Best Google image search of 2010?

James Gilpin (Daily)

Best man/woman of the year?

Nina Pope , She earned my respect within record time and in doing so spurred me on to an outcome in my own practice I could actually get behind; things could have ended very differently.

If you could only take one thing that you bought in 2010 into 2011, what would it be?

My fluro pink pants.

What would you like to say to 2010?

‘Man looks into the abyss, there’s nothing staring back at him. At that moment, man finds his character. And that is what keeps him out of the abyss.’ I think the point that I am trying to make is that in January, 2010 seemed like a large amount of time with many unknowns but in the end it was over in a flash and now 2011 beckons so step aside 2010.

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