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Slightly later than planned this week’s Things come in the form of five books, and some toy soliders. Have a good weekend.

Red Book

David Shrigley, Published by Redstone Press
David Shrigley can;t ever have too many books in my opinion. Red Book is his latest, and is as you might expect – eccentric, random and incredibly funny. Shrigley is seen all over the place, and if I was to really think about it I should be getting bored of his work by now, but instead I find myself buying another one of his delightful books.


Petra Schmidt and Niccola Stattmann, Published by Birkhäuser
There are no doubt too many book on what I’d call ‘physical illustration’. We’ve been inundated with some good, and some not so good efforts over the past few years, and Unfolded most definitely fits into the former. Clearly layed out, and research well enough to provide a really nice breadth of work, of which I was almost entirely unfamiliar, which can only be a good thing.


Editor in Chief Lorraine Candy, Cover Illustration by Rob Ryan
Ele is a magazine I only pick up every so often, so I was pleased that they gave me a real ecuse to this month, courtesy of a rather splendid cover illustration by Rob Ryan. As part of a series of covers specially comissioned to celebrate 25 years of London Fashion Week Rob is accompanied by names such as Paul Smith, Jasper Conran, Henry Holland and more. Some really great covers are included, but I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking I got the pick of the bunch.

ABC Des Verbes

_Guillaumit, Published by Editions Thierry Magnier
Funny little illustrations of verbs in French by illustrator Guillaumit. Suitably bound in a hard shiny cover and some spreads that genuinely tickled me, none more so than ‘Xylophoner’ depicting a novel way of playing a classic instrument.

London Design Guide

Edited by Max Frase, Published by Spotlight Press
Design guides can be very hit and miss, especially if not thoroughly compiled. This one makes no such mistakes and is handily divided up into the different areas of our fair capital, crisply ordered and easily browsable. Coffee table fodder.

Miniscule Blue Helmets on a Massive Quest

Pierre Derks
One of the oddities of the week was a set of plastic toy soliders all the way from The Hague in The Netherlands. Making a point about the UN, Pierre is sending them all around the globe and we’re flattered to have been selected as one of their destinations. There’s some other really nice nuggets in his portfolio too…