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Mårten Lange – Anomalies

It takes a special eye to be a really good photographer, and the ability to make a stunning photo out of something seemingly banal is an enviable talent. Mårten Lange has this touch and is showing a series of photographs entitled ‘Anomalies’ at
Galleri Flach-Thulin in Stockholm until 1 November and I urge you to see them close up. Mårten kindly took a few minutes out of his day to let us know what the series is all about

Hi Marten, nice show! Can you tell us what the photos are about?

‘Anomalies’ is about making something out of nothing. The camera changes what it observes. I want to take advantage of this effect to create an imagery that initially may seem banal but through banality reveals complexity.

It’s a pity you can’t see them next to each other on your site – is that one of the reasons you’re having a show?

My favourite thing about photography is that it’s so liquid. The photos can be seen on my website, in magazines, in my book, or on the wall. Different forms have different advantages. I like the exhibition form for its spacial qualities as well as its social function – visiting an exhibition with a friend means an opportunity for discussion. Looking in a photo book or at a website at home doesn’t work the same way.

Do you have an image from the set that you’re most proud of, or like the most?

I like the photo of the paper bird in the glass a lot.

Are you working on anything else at the moment?

I’m about to resume work on my Farewell Books project, and I’m in the early stages of a new photographic project.