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Spheres Of Fury


Tim Brown and Christopher Hewitt have recently teamed up for the the new release from Hecq Vs Exillion, titled Spheres Of Fury. Stunningly shot using the latest Canon D7 the resulting four minute film is attracting a fair amount of attention, we caught up Tim to find out more.

Morning Tim, can you tell us a little more about the music video/short film.

The main idea for the Hecq video came from a mutual love for 80’s war films. Its all about the bravado and attitude that pours from these movies that makes them a real treat to watch. Our modern/pastiche remake tries to capture some of those magical moments, but from a modern perspective.

You teamed up with Christopher Hewitt for the film, how does that process work with two directors behind the camera?

The thing that made it easy on the shoot, was all the preparation work we had done. Chris and I spent a long time talking going over how we wanted each shot to work. So after going over every thing with our director of photography, Dan Trapp, it was more a case of making sure we didn’t miss out on any thing on the day.

I also noticed the Tim.Chris.Film on vimeo, something we can expect more from in the future?

The Tim.Chris.Film Vimeo page was set up pretty last minuet so we had some where to host the video. We decided to launch it there because myself and Chris are represented by different production companies. I definitely think more work is on the cards, we have an idea in the pipe line, but were both working on different projects at the moment.

The footage is all shot on the new Canon D7, why you decided to shoot it on this particular camera?

We did a test shoot using the 5D a couple of weeks back and found that it was a great piece of kit. So when we herd that Canon had just released a upgraded model it seemed like the perfect choice. The new additional 50 frames per second option was also a big clincher.

You’re also credited as stunt co-ordinator on the shoot, any other talents you want to tell us about?

Ah well its just a part of my every day life, jumping from buildings, running for the bus, there all integral things that have helped me get to the level of an accomplished stunt co-ordinator. I’m sorry thats a complete lie, I think you probably guessed it but I’m not a stunt co-ordinator. I did jump in a bush to try and explain a shot but thats about as far as it goes I’m afraid…