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Best Use of Exploitative Tactics

Curtis and Sean are a couple of designers who’ve made a really special piece of moving image. It’s not big and clever, just a joy for your peepers. In essence it’s just some fruit and sauce, but it’s oh so much more. Here’s Curtis and Sean to explain a little more…

Hey Curtis and Sean – we love your recent Handle The Jandal animation, but had never heard of you before, can you give us a quick bit of background?

Curtis: Sean & I are both motion designers based at Oktobor in Auckland New Zealand. I actually studied computer science in New Zealand’s capital city Wellington before heading to design school to take up 3D. Somehow I became disorientated & ended up in graphic design classes, from which I eventually fell into motion design. Come to think of it, I never actually touched any 3D at university… After graduating I freelanced for a year making music videos, designing/illustrating for friends, and working for a boutique interactive company. I then made the journey north to end up where I am now doing what I love most.

Sean: I’m originally from the Americas but somehow found myself in New Zealand around 3-4 years ago. Before that I studied film and animation in Rochester, New York where i tried to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and fell into motion design making titles for friends films and tv shows around Rochester. Now i do pretty much the same thing but in New Zealand.

Do you guys work together regularly?

C: We occassionally get to collaborate on some of the projects that come through Oktobor and then there’s the odd project that friends pull us both into. Exploitative Tactics is actually the first project we’ve directed an animated together.

S: It tends to work quite well since we both share similar ideals and processes but have different aesthetics so when they combine it apparently makes a delicious combination of creamy…

C: uh… foods of ill-repute (?)

S: A lot of our work is tends to favor a hand made aesthetic which takes ages so it’s more fun to share the work.

What is ‘Best Use of Exploitative Tactics’?

Best Use of Exploitative Tactics is one of the award titles created for ‘Handle the Jandal’, a grass roots DIY music video showcase for New Zealand music videos that aren’t funded externally. It runs annually and every year our friends at Kraft:Haus, get a group of artists/filmmakers/animators and designers from all over New Zealand to do a title each for each of the awards.

We were dished out that particular award. It was a fun idea to play with so we ran with it. Some type of sexual innuendo’s seemed fitting so we started from there. What came out was some sort of twisted teenage boys fantasy.