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2009 Review: Jane Stockdale

Relatively unaware of Jane Stockdale’s photography in 2008, this year we have been intrigued by the extent (and distances) Jane is prepared to go to capture the shot she wants. So much so she kindly hosted one of the talks and was featured in the second publication, if you don’t know her work it’s probably about time you did.

Jane’s image of 2009, "Driving through the Himalayas we kept on seeing all these road safety signs. This is one of my favourites along with ‘speed thrills but kills’ and ‘drivings risky after whisky’. "

Mark out of 9 for 2009?

Bit of a rollercoaster year as always, 7 out of 9.

Best new discovery?

A year is a long time but one of my best new discoveries was Kashmir.

Best idea?

Best idea was finally passing my driving test and betting the builders over the road from my studio a fiver that I’d pass my test.

What were you doing this time last year?

This time last year I was shooting a local football pitch project for Adidas and working very hard on lots of projects.

What broke? How did you fix it?

I broke my little toe and was supposed to wear an NHS foot cast for three weeks but chucked it after three days because it made me hobble like a T-rex. Also a bridge broke when I was travelling through Kashmir and we were stuck for two days waiting for the Indian army to fix it.

What piece of work really stood out for you?

Heaven music video by Spike Jonze. I almost accidentally spat out my tea out when I first saw it – I love it.

Favourite Book/Album/Film?

Book would be Subway by Bruce Davidson as he’s one of my favourite photographers of all time, album wise difficult to choose but maybe The Horrors, Primary Colours, worst film would be the disaster movie 2012 which I watched the other day but worth it for comedy factor because its sooooo bad.

Did you get Swine Flu?


What are you going to miss about 2009 and what are you looking forward to in 2010?

Roll on 2010…