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The Best Show on WFMU

Tom Scharpling has a radio show on New York freeform station WFMU, which attracts a massive number of peculiar, increasingly aggressive callers, every single one of them voiced by Jon Wurster. These are, without a shadow of a doubt, some of the funniest pieces of radio I’ve ever heard – subtle, affable skits that exist in their own little universe of characters. I can’t recommend checking out the show enough, or any of the many compilations Scharpling and Wurster have put out on their own Stereolaffs label.

Bonus: I got my first taste of Best Show from one of Matthew Perpetua’s excellent podcasts, a special, all-comedy edition which I’d also highly recommend. He also put up a generous collection of previously unheard skits here. Oh! And the illustration of Tom pictured is by Brian M Weaver.