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Johnny Kelly & Jethro Haynes


As a little weekend treat for you, here’s a real exclusive of a new piece of animation from the fantastic hands and minds of Johnny Kelly and Jethro Haynes. The brief was to come up with a new title sequence for Dutch TV show called Het Klokhuis (like a Dutch Blue Peter), and the duo set to work researching modelmaking techniques, including 3D printing, rapid prototyping and even some good old fashioned bendy wire.

Johnny invited me round to his studio at Nexus to see some of the models made for the shoot, and how it all came together. So, enjoy the title sequence embedded here, and click through for some candid pics.

Using his already honed and considerable stop-frame talents, the outcome was never going to be anything less than spectacular. All that’s left is to find an excuse to move to The Netherlands and start watching children’s TV.

Title sequence Vimeo Link
End Sequence Vimeo Link