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Hippy Shit

Hippy Shit isn’t a cynics view of a woven poncho or a muddy festival campsite, it is in fact a bi-annual independently published ‘pyschedelic field trip’, featuring contributions from some of the most inspiring creatives in the game; curated and published Bryan Dalton and Alex Harris.

We asked Bryan a few questions about the zine, the contributors and Hippies

So Brian, why is it called Hippy Shit?
The name came about at first from an over heard conversation. We were really amused by the term and wanted to embrace it for its irony.

How did you choose the contributors?
We decided to ask the people that inspire us the most everyday to be in volume no. 1. We had an excellent response, and we were really excited to collaborate with such a amazing list of creatives.

Why is it all in black and white?
We did the first volume in black and white, in order to help unify the overall look, as well as, help out with our out of pocket startup cost, and still be able to print it offset on some really nice paper.

Which pieces stand out for you?
Everyone took the theme in their own direction. We really like Jez Burrows interpretation, Hilary Greenbaum’s scratch and sniff stickers, Feel Good Anyways rapidograph “moment”, Elisabeth Moch’s Carly Simon tribute, A Nice Idea Every Day’s voyeur-esque diptych. All the contributions were great. We are really happy with the way volume no. 1 turned out!

Do you know any Hippies?
We are surrounded by Hippies.

What does the future hold for Hippy Shit?
Hippy Shit also has a series of limited edition prints coming this summer, so keep your eyes peeled, Volume No. 2 coming this Fall….