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iPad Review

Great excitement in the studio this morning as Tom returned from the States with an iPad. An actual, real, working iPad. How about that for an It’s Nice That exclusive to kick the week off.

It’s very early to make a serious assessment of what it’s like but the first impressions are good. Very good. The screen is lovely, very bright with great contrast. It feels light and easy to hold and it’s a nice size at just a bit bigger than A5.

I had a quick look at The Guardian’s website, their new Eyewitness iPad app, some Marvel Comics and the Popular Science mag app made by BERG who we share a studio with. All of them looked, worked and felt great. It’s so intuitive there’s something about it that just feels right.

The Guardian’s Eyewitness app is very simple but makes fantastic use of the device and the content. They take the last 100 pictures from Eyewitness (the great centre spread photo in the main paper) and show them big on that lovely screen. It updates every day. And that’s it, so far.

I’m not a big comics fan but the way the Marvel comics app works is lovely. There are loads of nice touches. For example a few taps on a page and individual frames fill the screen (and look amazing) another few taps takes you to the next frame. That sounds a bit dull written dull, but the smoothness of the action and the richness of the images make a pretty impressive experience.

There you go a very brief look at what I guess is one of the first iPads in the UK.