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Embarrassingly late, but finally at large, it’s this week’s Things review. As always we were flattered by the nice bits and pieces that made their way into the new studio, thanks to everyone who sent something in, even if your work didn’t quite make it to the article.

Off Modern Tom Harrad, William Lombard Hunt, Yuri Pattison, Felix L. Petty and Johnny Pinchard

I genuinely didn’t care what’s inside this beautiful little guy it looked so good as I peeled it from its envelope. Luckily the content (art writing, fiction, theory, illustration, collage and photography) is as good as its packaging and I urge you to make your hands and eyes happy and pick up a copy.

Chinook Winds and We Are The World By Simon Howell and Brian Paul Lamotte, Published by Pau Wau Publications

Mmmm-hmmm. When we interviewed the guys over at Pau Wau earlier in the year it was clear that their publications were going to be pretty special. And on the evidence of this great set of photos by Simon Howell and tribute to the King of Pop by Brian Paul Lamotte we weren’t wrong. Can you put a price on attention to detail and making a special piece of print? No, they don’t think so either.

Vending Machines, Coined Consumerism By Christopher D Salyers. Published by Mark Batty Publisher, New York

If you like vending machines, you’ll like this book as that’s plainly and simply what it’s about. Nothing more, nothing less. You never can shake off the excitement of crunching the wheel round 180 degrees to watch a ball of bubblegum spiral to its destiny, and this is a celebration of that very feeling.

Project 10 Design and Art Direction by Steve Price, Edited by Claire Selby

Ten projects, ten collaborations, ten months, ten NGOs. It begins here for art director Steve Price.

Bonnie O’Hare’s Cards By Bonnie O’Hare

Great set of greetings cards… ‘nuff sed’, and her site will be up soon.