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For anyone who read my Things review over the weekend you might have been left a little disappointing by my lack of knowledge of Monika magazine. Well fear not, I was well aware of my inadequacy and realised the only way to put this right was to catch up with Monika and find out more about their anonymous style of publishing…

Monika, out of all the names what made you pick Monika?

We thought of Monika because it sounds like ‘moniker’, meaning alias. We wanted to give the magazine a human identity, so it could act as a temporary disguise for our contributors. Monika’s personality and mood changes depending on who takes her name.

So you publish anonymously, why and how do you do this?

Monika is anonymous because most magazines aren’t. We want to provide a space where readers are able to abandon some preconceptions, and where authors can experiment with being nameless. We don’t print bylines but that’s all we can control, a few carefully chosen words typed into Google reveals a lot. With Monika we create a pause.

How well has the idea being received?

We get sent a lot of stuff! Our latest issue had more than 30 contributors, we have had really positive comments from readers and we’re on It’s Nice That. Overall, things are going pretty well…

Where can people get hold of a copy?

Monika is distributed internationally in specialist bookstores, in London try the Design Museum, Camden Arts Centre or Beyond the Valley. An abridged list of stockists is on our website and you can buy online at