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Twin Issue 2

Ever since letting the heavyweight back cover ease shut on the inaugural issue of Twin magazine, we’ve been looking forward to the follow-up. So, we were thrilled to be told that the second issue is imminent and that the content sounds as weighty as the first. We grabbed editor and magazine aficionado Becky Smith for a few quick questions on what we can expect. In case you were wondering the pictured image is an image from an article on the brilliant London poet Kate Tempest.

At the bottom of the copy it says pictured is an image of poet Kate tempest. But when you read more the pic above is of director/model/ actress Joana preiss (sitting on stool) is there anyway you can make it clearer?

Hi Becky, the new Twin looks like a stormer, how has it evolved from the first issue?

Issue I was themed around the age of Aquarius and Issue II now looks at the age of the surreal and sublime. The idea is that each issue should evolve and expand from the other into something more rich and challenging. Looking forward to Issue III we’ll have a few more exciting additions with special guest.

Can you tell us a little about how Twin started up, and how the first issue was received?

Twin started may 2009 and after having worked for most of the big fashion magazines in London: i-D, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, 10, and Wallpaper, I co-founded Lula magazine back in 2005 and basically wanted a new challenge so I set about establishing Twin. After working for disposable titles I wanted to create something with more staying power – something to go to the top of my magazine collectables. With Twin I wanted to create something that was a reflection of how women feel in 2010; aiming to touch on women’s issues in an unintimidating way – seamlessly mixed with poetry, art and fashion.

What are your hopes for the second issue?

Simple really: just that a few more people can get to see it and enjoy it! The launch party we are planning in NY should be quite special too.

Can you pick out a few personal highlights from the latest issue?

It might sound banal but managing to get it out there and maintaining the quality and tangibility of the traditional book is one of the biggest yet most satisfying challenges. In terms of content in Issue II we continue to celebrate women with a piece on a really talented and young poet Kate Tempest, there’s a great insight into a relatively unknown art director from the NY in the 60s & 70s, who’s my new best friend, Ruth Ansel. And we have a rare and amazing view into the artist Louise Bourgeois’ home.