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Alex Turvey

The new Levi’s store on Regents street has recently been relaunched with an exhibition and campaign called Levi’s Craftwork. It’s an initiative highlighting the importance of craft to Levi’s as a brand by picking out some creative types to show their wares and sits very nicely in the new store.

Director, designer and illustrator Alex Turvey is one of the named creatives, and has created work in the new store, including some fascinating window displays. We asked him a few questions about the work, and what it feels like to have his face pasted around the capital.

How did the commission for Levi’s come about?

I was initially approached by Dazed & Confused, who were helping Levi’s to track down their band of London ‘Contemporary Crafworkers’. There are eighteen of us altogether and the group encompasses everything from cake bakers to guitar builders. The campaign part sounded a bit scary, but the project offered some great opportunities to collaborate with Levi’s creatively. The window installation was inspired by a mirrored mask from a previous film project I had on display as part of the Craftworkers exhibition.

You have a production team called ‘MADE’ can you tell us a little about the set up?

I have some pretty wild (and large-scale) ideas when it comes to sets and props for my film projects, MADE are very technical makers and don’t compromise my designs which is great. We’re all good friends too which definitely makes things more fun.

How did you feel appearing in one of the Levi’s ads?

It’s pretty awkward…! The worst part definitely being anonymous late night text messages demanding to know where I bought my glasses! Im actually scared to ride the tube at the moment, who knows, if I come face to face with my massive face it may result in a paradox that would cause me to disappear from existence… kind of like Marty Mcfly.

What can we expect to see now from Mr.Turvey?

Well the big plan this year is to complete my first short film. It’s hard to find the time, but I’m really excited about devising it all. I’m also working on a couple of fashion films, each with an overriding theme of sexy horror