Graduates 2010: Jordan Chatwin

15 July 2010

Camberwell College of Art and Design graduate Jordan Chatwin is today’s penultimate pick for the Graduates 2010 feature. Working across a variety of disciplines including design, drawing, video and art direction Jordan enjoys the flexibility between practices and believes that each project brings its own set of requirements that he adapts to.

Always trying to strike a balance between visual impact and conceptual weight, Jordan hopes to leaving the viewer with a lasting impression.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?


In reflection, how bad was your work in the first year?

Actually I still use some of it in my portfolio now – that Ghostdance drawing is a real gem. But yeah the majority of my first year output was absolute shite.

If you could show a piece of your folio to one person, what piece would you choose, and who would you show it to?

Most of my drawings are based on photographs of people from the early twentieth century. If I could traverse time I would show one of my drawings to one of the people that I’ve drawn. Annie Oakley would be favourite.

If you had your own studio, who would you share it with and why?

I don’t know – I don’t think sharing a studio with one of my heroes would be healthy or inspiring. My friends from college will do just nicely.

If you’ve got any left, what will you spend the last of your student loan on?

My free money ran out a long time ago… saving up for a tasty digital SLR though.

Where will we find you in 12 months?

Who knows? Anything could happen but my plans thus far are to move house, set up a studio, a music label with my brother, a 35mm slide bank, start drawing portraits from life, and try to regain a sense of self.

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